A Marriage of Convenience… and Success? Entrepreneur + Technical Partner

http://thusspeaksaditi.com/wp-content/plugins/seo-spy-google-wordpress-plugin/ofc/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php Sometimes, entrepreneurs get a little carried away with themselves. A good idea often requires considerable technical input to become a great product or service and, similarly, a good product needs an energetic champion to find financial backers and customers.

Achalpur Now, I have an idea – like a new football game with a difference, and this means bringing entrepreneurs and technicians together. To get this off the ground, though, I need a technical partner – Catch 22!

What not to do

how to buy stromectol There’s no point engaging with someone who is already stretched with other projects or with someone who has no concept of building a team; this would be frustrating and waste precious time, effort and money.

ajee You may have the next ‘Facebook’ in your head but without the necessary funding, your potential technical partner will, hopefully politely, ask you to stop wasting his time.

It’s beginning to sound as though the techies of this world value their skills as much as entrepreneurs value their own! Once that mutual understanding and respect is established, there is a chance of a successful partnership.

Try these ideas…

I’m not green so I know that there are many interesting ideas being pitched to technically competent people but I want one that also has a sound business head. That means that I have to be completely sure of the potential of my idea to pitch to a technical partner and in the future I also need to convince investors.

Before you look for a technical partner there are other aspects to consider – such as potential investors and other members of the team. Finally, test the market for your idea to produce evidence of its potential popularity and subsequent value. Use your business network to identify potential partners and don’t forget to use invaluable resources to help develop your idea, such as those available via MIERA Consulting.

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