A Strategic Plan for your Business in 24 Hours?

Can Professional Consultants create a good strategic plan for you in 24 hours?

Whilst we’re not saying that it’s impossible, we urge you to carefully consider before committing to paying for a short cut to ‘pie-crust promises’ of instant success.

Building your business is like building anything else – a solid structure with strong foundations will last longer. Success and sustainable growth depend on you making good decisions; therefore, relying on a third party to create a marketing plan in double-quick time may not be the best way to go.

It takes time to absorb all the information that you have acquired over months or years and to develop a sustainable strategy. Ensuring all major options have been covered generally means researching market potential, your competitors, your current operation and expansion potential, and so much more – 24 hours seems a tad optimistic, to say the least.

You need to choose your consultant wisely, without being distracted by smooth talking or offers you can’t refuse.

Budget Considerations

Consultants’ fees vary; being cheap or expensive may be an indicator of a number of things but it is not a guarantee of value for money. You’d be surprised how many people obtain three quotes and accept the middle-priced one!

Key Questions to ask the Consultant

Before engaging the consultant, ensure that you are in agreement about your goals, limitations, timetable and available budget.

Ask the consultant these questions in advance:

  • How does the proposal address your specific goals?
  • What research is evident and how relevant is it?
  • Is the business model practical and achievable, and backed by robust financial assumptions and forecasts?
  • Is the approach flexible enough to accommodate fast-moving market trends or your changing circumstances?

Your Strategic Plan should be tailor-made for your business and your goals. Accept nothing less.