All Work and No Play…

Waverly Since the 1980s, common business culture has become increasingly focussed on working harder, putting in longer hours to achieve more. But does this really work? For some, maybe, and for others, short term, but the majority of people need a work/life balance to continue to perform well and make great business decisions. In other words, don’t work more, work better! For example, take those two hours you add on to the end of the day and, instead, start two hours earlier. Having woken from a rest, the mind is more productive and, additionally, there are likely to be fewer distractions or interruptions. You then have some time for a few additional tasks in the evening plus some down-time. It’s often when the mind is most relaxed that new ideas begin to form. Alternatively, you can fit in a spot of exercise, which studies have shown to significantly boost brain function, whether it’s half an hour in the gym or just walking.

buy cheap cenforce online This philosophy should also be applied even more so at weekends. Exercise and down-time at weekends provides a stimulus to carry through the working week. Think of your weekend is a mini-reward each weekend for all your achievements during the week.

Review Your Week and Plan Ahead At the end of Friday, review the week you’ve had and plan for the next work week so that, on Monday morning, you can hit the ground running!

Reflect, Relax and Recharge

Down-time at the weekend is when your mind becomes clear of immediate work issues, enabling you to consider different ideas. Recharging your batteries will improve performance, productivity and decision-making.

‘No-Tech’ Time

We all need to heed this advice… smart-phones and Wi-Fi have made it difficult for many people to ignore communications – whether it’s an incoming email or text or browsing the internet on a work-related topic. Set yourself some ‘no-tech’ time over the weekend and try to keep to it. Could you switch off all devices during and after dinner in the evenings and after noon on Saturdays and Sundays? In most cases, all work communications could be cleared in an hour on Monday mornings.

Control Your Work/Life Balance

Successful entrepreneurs find it hard to switch off. During business start-ups, you work hard and put in long hours. As the business becomes more successful, you should be able to optimise your time. Remember, when planning your business strategy, that a refreshed mind can achieve more and make better decisions than a tired, cluttered mind. Factor in some time off!

Ask Yourself: Why Am I Doing This?

Quite often, a person works hard to provide a good life for their family. If this is you, remember that you are part of the family and the weekend is possibly the only time you will have together. Or maybe there are other reasons but remember that all work and no play can make a person very dull.

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