Are You An Entrepreneur?

since First, let’s define an Entrepreneur: a French compound word which literally means between-taker but is used in France for contractor. The word has been adopted into the English language to describe risk-takers in business and is generally only associated with success, Del-boy Trotter being the exception that proves the rule!

Kabrāi There are so many definitions of what makes an entrepreneur that we’ve come up with a few ideas of our own. These are our Fun Fifteen: You may be an entrepreneur if…

1. You live at your desk: if you’re awake, you’re at work

2. Caffeine and adrenaline are your daily diet, may be interspersed with beer and burgers

3. Your holiday is like a work day but you don’t take phone calls because you’re too busy doing important work

4. You don’t have time for your appearance unless you have a face-to-face meeting

5. You wear a smart shirt over jogging bottoms for Skype or face-time calls

6. On other days, you recycle the same set of inspiring T-shirts

7. You’ve moved in with your parents to ‘work on that unique idea’ but they know, you know they know, and you know they know that you know that the real reason is because you’re flat broke

8. You commute to the office without leaving the house

9. You have way more conversations with strangers on Twitter than with friends on Facebook

10. You work a 14-hour day yet your hourly rate is lower than an ant’s kneecaps

11. You say goodnight to your family long after they’re asleep in bed

12. Your family and friends have to email social invitations to your inbox-calendar, including your birthday bash

13. You sneak away to the ‘loo’ with your smartphone to make notes on some ideas you just had while ‘not working’

14. When someone asks ‘Is there an App for that?’ you contact your ‘tame techie’ for a quote

15. You believe that this time next year, you could be a millionaire

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