Are You Hiring the Best Business Coach?

When you need help with various aspects of growing your business, you really need expert complementary skills to take your company forward, i.e. a mentor with a track record of success in sustainable business growth.

Referrals from a trusted source are useful, otherwise where do you begin your search? A good place to start is with GrowthAccelerator – the government’s flagship Business Coaching for Growth programme. An accredited business coach will facilitate access to grant funding to help business development. These guidelines should provide a clear idea of the quality of advice you need from your short-listed consultants.

The Right Attitude: You Both Succeed – or You Both Fail

A company that doesn’t grow also doesn’t stand still but will seem to regress as their competitors move forward. To grow his own business, your mentor has to grow your business and simultaneously retain you amongst his clients. So how do you find a good business coach who can demonstrate this?

An information-filled website is a good start, then you need to explore further with a discussion about success: theirs, their clients and yours. A Business Coach is only successful if his clients succeed. This relationship is important and a quick look at the website will reveal some client testimonials, even if names are kept private. Often, more detail can be divulged in an initial confidential conversation to discuss your requirements.

Expectations: Are Their Goals for You the Same as Your Goals for You?

A good Business Coach is one who understands where you are now, where you aim to be and the optimum route to guide you along.

Experienced business mentors will have case histories to share with you, to back up claims of success. They will demonstrate that, working together, priorities and milestones can be set and this should instil confidence in you about reaching your business goals.

Supporting Your Business, Your Vision.

Your company is doing something right and a good Business Coach will help you achieve it better or faster or more cost-effectively… by introducing smarter working practices, investment opportunities or whatever it is that you need to improve growth in a way that makes you proud.

Keeping Promises and Delivering Quality.

Strategic planning and experience in helping established companies find new markets and new customers for their products and services. Focusing on skills development and creating marketing and sales opportunities.

Providing a practical and measurable service with emphasis on people and processes.

Funding For Business Coaching.

Growth requires additional resources, which can be an expensive exercise for businesses. A good business coach will help and sign-post you to secure grants and funding towards development costs to ensure a positive return for years to come.

To find out more about grants and funding for growth, contact MIERA Consulting.