Business Start-Up Costs

Starting a business can be daunting for entrepreneurs of various degrees of experience. Of all the different aspects, a major one has to be financial.

Yes, people and other resources are important but you need to afford them. Many start-up businesses use local knowledge or national statistics when calculating the costs of hiring people and renting office space.

There are many questions to address: do you need physical space? could you use out-workers? is it essential to use local resources?

This graphic uses comparable figures (US$) that researched and compiled. Their fictitious company set out to employ a web designer and two web developers who would share an office. The costs were compared for Zurich, Sydney, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Mumbai and Manila.

You may not need to move your operation to Manila but do you need to be in London or could your operation be centred in a developing area around London or, indeed, elsewhere within easy access?

There are at least three great value opportunities we can sign-post you to:

Conyers 1. Start-Up Sutton:
1-to-1 business clinics and group workshops for start-ups in the London Borough of Sutton held fortnightly in convenient locations across the borough 2. Be The Business:
1-to-1 business clinics and site visits for start-ups and established businesses in West Sussex

San Rafael Tlanalapan 3. A 6-week ‘ fortissimo Starting Your Own Business‘ course near Wembley Park run by the College of NW London, enrolling now.

MIERA Consulting has proven expertise in working with business start-ups, including how to access grant funding and other incentives. We can ensure that you ask the right questions and consider all the options available to your new business.

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