Do Less, Achieve More

As a self-starter, self-employed entrepreneur who is looking to build a successful business, the everyday reality is often based on how much income you can expect this week or next month. With this in mind, it is often extremely difficult to turn down any opportunities. Yet, not all opportunities are worth taking, especially if they detract from your carefully defined plan thereby resulting in delays in achieving your business and financial goals.

Enhance Your Job Satisfaction By Saying No

Not all the time, of course, but just MORE of the time. With finite resources, there is a limit to how much you can fit in – so it makes sense that the fewer tasks you are working on the more time you have to do each one better.

It’s difficult to turn down potential income, but with practice you can learn to select or reject and, importantly, how to say ‘no’ without causing offence to a future prospective client.

Three Time-Wasting Tasks For the Reject Pile

1. New “Opportunities”
Sometimes, people say Yes because they fear saying No, as if they might be missing an income opportunity. This is not a good enough reason. When there is no good reason to say Yes, No should be your default – then forget about it. You wouldn’t check the winning lottery numbers if you didn’t do the lottery, would you? Because there is nothing to be gained by it.

2. Cutting Loose from Old Ties
When a client is on-board, a two-way loyalty will often keep you working together, even if the client’s business is what you used to do before your aspirations of diversity or growth kicked in. If you can steer your client towards a recommended resource, that’s great, but if you can’t, then you need to be honest with them and true to yourself.

3. Working on when your Brain says “Stop”
Working into the night may be necessary now and then but how often do you realise that you’ve read that page several times and still don’t know what was on it? Or you finally completed a task and logged off without saving the changes? The sensible part of your brain is trying to tell the rest of you to take a break – a ten minute nap can be enough to save an hour of your time.

So, focus on your business goals and be more selective about which projects you agree to undertake. As Aunt May said to Peter Parker: “You’re not Superman, you know”.

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