Do you have An Entrepreneur’s Mind?

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Wels In business, as in life, there are leaders and followers – but not all leaders are entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur could be described as a risk-taker and therefore not a responsible business manager but, without that element of risk there would be little innovation and possibly stagnation for some small businesses instead of a rapid growth plan.

Both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs can have ideas. Some ideas can be nurtured and will become successful with time and patience. Other ideas require an entrepreneur’s energy and adaptability to push it forward, despite objections from perhaps less entrepreneurial-spirited accountants and financiers.

So, do you have the mind of an entrepreneur?

  • Are you always focussed on the big picture?
  • Do you have “impossible” dreams that you are determined to achieve?
  • Are you inspired by your ideas and do you relish being awake all hours to pursue your goals?

Do you believe that you could do any or all of the tasks involved to make your business a success? These may include but are not limited to the following skills or abilities:

  • Research your idea
  • Analyse & adapt the concept
  • Write a comprehensive business plan
  • Create an attractive website
  • Build a prototype of your product / service and test it
  • Understand and implement internet marketing
  • Network with potential customers and investors
  • Commit to the process of obtaining adequate funding
  • Manage your financials on a monthly basis, especially cash flow
  • Know or learn how to sell well; no-one else will sell for you
  • Understand and outsource H.R. & Legal and other functions

An entrepreneur’s mind is not limited by doubts, fears and negativity.

Knowing when you need support and finding the right experienced business mentor will help to ensure that your start-up business benefits from an additional ‘you’ with complementary skills that can fill in some mind-gaps and avoid pit-falls.

Belawan And what if you don’t have the mind of an entrepreneur?

You, too, could benefit by using a business mentor and creating an advisory board, a team of stimulating experts in areas where your self-belief in your knowledge wavers, to support you in building a successful business.

MIERA Consulting has been involved in numerous successful business launches and supports business owners of both mind-sets.

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