Mobile Game Apps Market – Investments and Returns

Working to produce a mobile app differs from larger projects for PlayStation and X-Box as there is often a much shorter development cycle and relatively fewer people dedicated to creating it.

A mobile app begins with an idea that seems like fun, then business acumen has to be applied – is there mass appeal? Can there be add-ons and spin-offs? How easily can it be migrated to other platforms? And how and when can it achieve substantial returns? These issues really need to be addressed in order to raise adequate investment in mobile app projects.

How popular are Mobile Apps?

Whilst Apple and Android devices are generally used for surfing the web, using apps as widgets and tools for personal and business productivity and even studying (justifying the expensive parental purchase!) the greatest percentage of downloaded apps – by an enormous margin – is for games.

Recent analysis by the leading research company Distimo in Sep 2013 of the types of apps downloaded world-wide reveals the following percentages were games:

In Britain, over 50% of Apple App store revenue and more than a staggering 80% of Google Play revenue was attributed to games apps downloads. Percentages of revenues generated in Far Eastern countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are higher.

What does this mean for the Games Apps development market?

Sales of mobile devices and revenues from mobile games have risen steadily and continue to do so, determining a level of confidence in this market for a while to come. One of the most exciting new developments in this sector is AntiBall™, a planned series of sports games apps for hand-held devices, starting with football (soccer) and rapidly extending to Cricket and other team sports.

Unlike FIFA and other games on consoles which closely simulate real life, AntiBall™ offers an exciting blend of soccer stars morphing into super heroes showing off their skills on unique playing environments. Full details are available on together with details of investment opportunities.

With Bitcoins and Twitter shares investments soaring, investment in technology is now commonplace. Find our more about AntiBall™ from Gammalot Ltd.

Nauzar Manekshaw

Founder – Gammalot Ltd

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