Play Football on Your Daily Commute

Calauan Possibly the most frequently visited topics across all age groups are: football, gaming, ipads and mobile phones. Following research focused around three Premier League football clubs, Gammalot has developed a unique new football application (app) for tablets and smartphones. It’s called AntiBall™.

buy Lyrica online With Antiball™ on your tablet and smartphone, you can take play 5-a-side football on the train, on your tea-break and at the dentist! Players morph into super heroes with extraordinary football skills and super-powers, combining action and adventure in fantastic game play settings. Here is a video taster:

AntiBall™ is in development to launch a minimum viable product, and we’re looking for investors to join us. The venture qualifies for SEIS, i.e. you get 50% income tax relief on your investment plus a host of other tax benefits. You can invest from as little as £1,000 to the full amount required up to £75,000 funding for 30% equity shares in AntiBall™.

For more information, contact us at “Pledge your wedge” and help to spread the word! AntiBall™ can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.