Principles of Growth & Social Media

If your product or service is too complicated to explain, share, distribute or demonstrate, growth will be slow.

Think “word-of-mouth” and apply the reasoning that your product or service needs to excite or interest someone enough that they will share their discovery and be able to excite or interest the next person to also share it. Like happiness.

Your product/service must create desire

Happiness is a desirable commodity which most people are convinced that they need. Does your product or service have such an effect? Does it make people want to tell other people about it and reward them with a feeling of being the coolest dude on the planet to know about your product or a warm feeling for sharing something worthwhile and amazing? Kudos is its own reward – no need to pay commission to your social sales force.

There is such a lot to focus on when you launch something new and one of those elements is a compelling story that makes it easy for people to explain to other people why it’s so great. Fast growth depends on it.

The iWant factor

New iPhone/iPad launches have queues of potential customers wanting the product right now.

There is always more than one way to tell a story. Which tweet is better to grow Local-Store’s Twitter following?

“Local-Store tweeted that they had iWidgets arriving and sold out the same day.”
“People who followed Local-Store on Twitter were first in line for new iWidgets, disappointment for others who arrived too late.”

The second story is much more compelling and will generate new Twitter followers for Local-Store because it has conveyed the desire for a product whilst, at the same time, creating a fear of being left behind in the race! All iWidget users will follow Local-Store so that they don’t miss out next time.

Spreading the word can broadly fit into three categories:

  • Advertising, where you are in control of what is stated
  • Editorial, including reviews, where your statements may be mercilessly mangled
  • Social media sharing (word of mouth) where you can create the message and, if it’s a good one, others may retell it. It could go viral!

Once these strategies deliver potential clients, what then?

Adopt, Adapt and Improve

When a potential client shows an interest in your product or service, you need them to ‘adopt it’, to make them excited about using your product or service and loving it as if it was their own – make them happy to keep sharing their experience with others.

Adapt your product to the evolving needs of the marketplace – your future plans should include anticipating users’ needs and continuous product improvements – or your competitors will take you down!

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