Prioritise your Goals by de-cluttering

Whether it is your desk, your mind, your life or your business opportunities, de-cluttering is an essential element of prioritising your goals.

The difference between success and failure is often the ability of the entrepreneur to prioritise the many opportunities he or she is presented with.

  • focus on opportunities that will have the most impact.
  • carefully discard the frequent opportunities that will have less impact.

It is no coincidence that entrepreneurs who start with nothing, such as Alan Sugar, are able to compete in a world of privilege. They have a hunger to succeed which sharpens and concentrates the mind – and far fewer opportunities clouding their thoughts.

In an extreme example, a Prince might wonder where to channel his energies – should he improve the quality of tea biscuits or cashmere socks or invest in marketing the sport of polo? Meanwhile someone who struggled to buy biscuits will determine a way to market them to the masses and make enough profit to move up to cake!

This can be illustrated in real life scenarios:

  • Dang Le Nguyen Vu, Vietnam’s “Coffee King” had a lowly childhood, tending crops and pigs and helping to make bricks. As a student, he drank a lot of coffee which led to him developing his ideas to ‘make it big’ in ­Vietnam’s budding coffee industry. He persuaded a number of small growers to let him sell their beans and share the profits, making deliveries by bicycle then moped. Now known as Chairman Vu, he is one of Vietnam’s few billionaires.
  • In India, in a village where most residents had no running water or electricity in their homes, a local entrepreneur sold half his land to fund an idea. He bought a small satellite dish and ran TV cables to the “wealthy” families in the locality.

Whilst privilege has its advantages – comfort, contacts, funding and more opportunities, it is those very opportunities that can become a disadvantage.

Think clearly and prioritise each opportunity before saying yes or no.

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