Should You Include a Blog on your Website?

First of all, what is a blog? Originating in the late 1990s, a web-log (shortened to blog) referred to a chronological set of posts grouped by topic. The diary-like structure of blog posts is ideally suited to news and topical content for inclusion on websites.

A good website, from both a human and search engine point of view, is one that has useful, relevant and current content.

Including a blog on your website achieves several major benefits for you:

  • Fresh content will encourage return visits;
  • Regular updates will ensure that the site feels current;
  • Topical information can be included without constantly having to update website pages;
  • New keywords for specific topics can help direct visitors to your relevant website pages;
  • Each published news items is a new target for social media links.

The content of blogs should be interesting and engaging for your readership. There is no hard and fast rule as to what to post but it should be geared to increasing the right kind of visitors for your specific business goals, both short and longer term.

How Important is Your Blog?

There are many companies whose management underestimates how influential blogging and social media can be; they have been advised by experts that they need a blog and a Twitter account… then nothing more happens.

If your blog is important to your business, it should be easy to access from your home page and it should be regularly updated. If you are unable to show enthusiasm for your business, why would anyone else? A lack of enthusiasm will be noticeable by your lack of interesting blog content.

For many small business owners, finding the time or having the expertise to sit down at a keyboard and create regular blog posts or news items can be difficult. It may be worth considering a third party to work with; owners and senior management are best placed to feed the information to a third party blogging service and to approve the final written articles prior to publication. Your blogging service may also post links to the published pages on various social media for maximum coverage.

Entrepreneurs and Thought Leadership

For those who are just starting out with a new business idea, there may not be an abundance of product or service information to blog about, certainly there will be a scarcity of case studies. Entrepreneurs can position themselves as pioneers, leaders of change in their industry, writing inspirational posts aimed towards their target audience.

Thought Leadership can create followers, in readiness for your product launch.

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