Small Business Owners – Identify Yourselves!

A business news article cited a survey undertaken by which identified seven distinct types of small business owner in the US.

There were many shared traits, such as their general ability to lead, and most of the 1000+ small business owners who took part also described themselves as active rather than dictatorial.

Interestingly, this group’s opinions were sought twice more than average about purchases, places to visit and restaurant recommendations, which identifies them as being influential as both leaders and doers. It is quite likely, therefore, that this characteristic extends to convincing people that they should try a product or service – a formidable quality for a business owner.

Does this translate to British business owners? The categories are below – does one or more ‘fit’ you?

  • buy Pregabalin steroids The Family Business: inherited status as owner of a long standing ‘small’ business, usually larger than a handful of staff.
  • neurontin 300 mg discontinued The Self-motivated: working to suit themselves, the incentive being control of what they do and when they do it.
  • Manhattan Beach The Visionary: setting up a business to capitalise on an opportunity – perhaps filling a gap in the market or delivering a better product or service..
  • The Boss of Me: business professionals who leave comfortable management positions to be their own boss, nobody does it better.
  • Second Wind: early-retired, redundant, undervalued or just wanting a new career, taking a risk with buying or starting a new business.
  • Natural Born Entrepreneurs: the risk-takers who are born to be business owners and enjoy the freedom of innovation and self-generated success.
  • The Passionate Workaholic: for whom money is not the only measure of success — doing what they love and sharing with others if the highest motivator.

Of course, it’s possible that you began your business in one camp and have leapt into another. Or maybe you have your unique 8th category – do let us know.