The Perfect Pitch in Two Minutes

Gaspar When preparing yourself for a two minute pitch in front of a largely unknown audience, you might find the following tips quite useful.

Appropriate Presentation When you are presenting your subject matter, you are also presenting yourself. Dress appropriately -try to look how you would want to be remembered, whether that is sharply suited, sporty, eccentric or whatever is best associated with your perceived status.

Energy & Enthusiasm

Kapiri Mposhi From the very start, be clear and be passionate.


buy brand provigil Your audience wants to know if you are worth listening to so briefly cover your motivation for doing what you do, and your passion will shine through.


Unless you are well known to your audience, they will need to know why you consider yourself an expert on your subject. Your introduction should include how you developed your expertise.

Focus on the Goal

Whether your main purpose is to make contacts or sales – or something else – make sure that your audience understands why you are speaking to them and make it easy for them to help you achieve your goal.

What Type of Audience?

Tell your listeners who will benefit most from your pitch, from top execs to lowly undergraduates and, if it isn’t them personally, perhaps they will think of someone who they can pass the information on to.

From the beginning…

Even if this is your first pitch, you will have a historical starting point. What have you been doing?

Demonstrate the momentum

… and what progress has been made to date? Do you have partners or investors on board, customers in the wings? What exciting events are happening right now?

Proving the Dough

A baking term for #growth that could also allude to proving how investments are destined to show a good return. Underline your credibility by sharing information that may help to win over the audience’s trust. This may be an article or a review from independent national or global media.

Emphasise with Repetition

A natural repetition of a key point or fact will focus attention on it, e.g. “This new widget will increase speeds by 60 per cent, SIXTY per cent, to enable higher production.” Your audience will remember that percentage above all else.

Emphasise with a Loud Silence

A short pause of a few seconds, following a significant statement, will allow that point to hit home. Then hit your audience with…

The Final Word

Leave them wanting more and tell them where to get it – whether it’s talking to you in the lounge after the pitch, collecting a sample from the table at the door or just saying “Thank you. Contact me any time via” – substituting your own website, of course.

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