What to Expect from a Good Mentor

Do you remember when you realised that your parents didn’t know everything?

If we are fortunate, the first good mentor we have is a parent who will guide us through the early stages of life. Your parents will help you to build your skills and your confidence; they will set targets and encourage you to reach milestones along the way.

When you mature and embark on a career, you may find new mentors who inspire you to develop your business skills, but then…

Whether you start to outgrow the company’s ambitions or you develop an entrepreneurial spirit that recognises limitless opportunities, you start pushing yourself to achieve more.

Being the boss – even if it’s just the boss of you – can be a lonely place. Life is fantastic when everything is going to plan but who do you turn to when you need support? Answer: a good mentor who has experienced the pain of start-ups, growth, failure and success in business.

What to Expect from a Good Mentor

  1. When your strength and resolve need a boost, your business mentor will encourage you to push through the barriers. Have you watched runners near the end of a marathon? Support and encouragement can be the difference between winning and failing.
  2. When you are looking for direction, a good mentor will provide guidance by helping you to find the answers within yourself. Questioning and therefore re-evaluating key issues will ensure that the better paths are followed towards success.
  3. Meetings at regular intervals have a significant role in assessing progress. There will be an expectation of continuous improvement towards the ultimate goal by reaching smaller targets along the way.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, a good business mentor will teach you how to think for yourself, rather than accept ‘facts’ at face value. Never trust someone who tells you what to think – you need to draw your own conclusions to be satisfied that the decisions you make are genuinely yours.

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